You want RENOVATION or REPAIR to last a long time—and we are here to help. Our RENOVATION experts can help you keep running smoothly. These tips can help save you time. Read our disclaimer for complete details about the information we present in this section of the site. Remember we are only a phone call away!

Remember: Safety First

  • Always unplug the appliance first
  • Watch out for sharp edges—especially on dryers
  • Never wear jewelry of any type while working on equipment
  • Tie back long hair
  • Ensure that your work area has ample lighting
  • Wear steel-toed safety shoes
  • Lift appliances using your legs and not your back.
  • AND JUST CALL TO 1-866-949-0089

Specialty Tools You Can Use

Take a look at your paycheck and recalibrate your withholding amounts accordingly. You might be earning more or less than expected and may want to adjust your .

  • Hose Pinch-Off Pliers
  • Hose Clamp Pliers
  • Snap Ring Pliers
  • Spanner Wrench
  • Nut Driver Set
  • Wire Stripper
  • Clamp-On Ammeter
  • Volt-Ohm-Amp Meter
  • Non-Contact Voltage Tester
  • Test Leads & Jumper Wires

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